Ezra Brooks Straight Rye Whiskey

750ml Bottle

Kentucky Whiskey | Rye Whiskey

    Ezra Brooks
    Luxco, Inc.
    45% Alcohol
    Bardstown, Kentucky
    United States

    Ezra Brooks Straight Rye Whiskey continues to be produced in the heart of Kentucky. This 100% genuine bourbon is made from a mash of 51% rye, 45% corn, and 4% malt, which are milled and mashed before fermentation. Following distillation, the bourbon is aged for two years in charred American oak casks. It offers hints of chocolate, leather, vanilla, and spicy grains, balanced by slightly sweet and oaky tones with a warm and spicy finish. Bottled at an honest 90 proof for a deep, robust, spicy flavor, it's a real straight shooter. Excellent for enjoying in a manhattan. Enjoy!