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Dumante Espresso Liqueur

750ml Bottle

    Dumante Italian Liqueur
    20% Alcohol

    Dumante Handcrafted Espresso Liqueur has inspired by the artistry and rich history of the perfectly pulled espresso shot. The notes of freshly roasted coffee beans combined with a hint of sweetness will remind one of entering a Pasticceria coffee house in the heart of Rome, Italy. Bottled in small batches at 40 proof and filtered to result in a crystal clear and crisp craft spirit, this Espresso Liqueur blends beautifully with citrus, savory and other ingredients as well as a variety of spirits, preserving the appearance and taste of the perfectly prepared cocktail. Every bottle of it contains that same memorable smell and experience for you to enjoy among family and friends. Enjoy a rich espresso experience with Dumante Espresso on the rocks, neat or mixed into creative cocktails, coffee, or espresso. Enjoy!