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Dewar's 18 Year Old

750ml Bottle


    Bacardi Limited
    40% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Dewar's 18 Year Old - The Vintage is a special type of whiskey made by blending different kinds of whiskies from the Highlands, Speyside, and Lowlands. Each of these whiskies is at least 18 years old and rare. After they are mixed together, they are allow to "merry" together in Oak Casks for several months.

    Tasting Notes

    Nose: The smell is light and soft, with a sweet and dry aroma. You might detect scents of grain, toasted barley, honey, toffee, raisins, almonds, apple, and spices. The alcohol is present but not overpowering.

    Taste: When you taste Dewar's 18 Year Old, you will notice flavors of rich fruit, dark chocolate, and marzipan. The taste is sweet and creamy, despite having a low alcohol content. You might taste cereals, barley, honey, vanilla, caramel, almonds, apples, orange zest, oak, marzipan, pepper, and cinnamon. There's also a subtle hint of smoke throughout.

    Finish: The finish is both creamy and slightly sharp. The grain alcohol becomes more noticeable, but the overall taste remains sweet. You might experience flavors of cereals, honey, straw, grass, vanilla, caramel, almonds, oak, apples, spices, and even cherries.

    It's a unique and enjoyable whiskey with a range of flavors that come together beautifully.

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