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Deau Cognac Collection Tasting Box

200ml (3 Bottles)

    Distillerie des Moisans
    40% Alcohol

    Deau Cognac Collection Tasting Box includes three 200ml bottles of Deau Cognac XO, Deau Black, and Deau Louis Memory. This collection makes up the famous trilogy of the Cognac house. The design reminds us of the glass flasks the master blender uses to taste and assemble the Cognac.

    Deau XO Cognac is a blend of both Petite Champagne and Fins Bois Eau-de-vie. It has aged for over a decade, and it first delights with its deep amber color. On the nose, it teases with both fruity and floral scents. The palate continues the ride, with delicate touches of dried plums, wild peach, jasmine, and oak wood. And naturally, the finish is as long and satisfying as one would expect from a Cognac of this quality.

    Deau Black Cognac is an XO quality created from a blend of Fine Champagne Eau-de-vie. It is beautiful in all respects, from its deep golden hue right through to the lengthy finish, it thrills with floral notes and incredibly smooth aromas of well-preserved fruit.

    Deau Louis Memory Cognac is a pure Grande Champagne Cognac with the oldest component being from the harvest of 1916. The aromas and flavors are many, yet they marry together perfectly. They detected peach, cinnamon, black cardamom, cinnamon. And, naturally, the wonderful rancio that only appears in a genuinely well-aged Cognac.

    It's an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys tasting different blends and comparing the Cognacs. If you are a newcomer to the world of Cognac, or if you would like to get to know the range of Deau cognac before going for one particular bottle, this is the perfect way to test your taste buds. You can learn to taste different aromas, nuances, and ages, and savor the various taste experiences that each Cognac offers. Enjoy!