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Dagneau XO Brandy

750ml Bottle


    SAS Distillerie Charpentier
    40% Alcohol

    Maison Charpentier Dagneau XO Brandy is a French Brandy produced by Maison Charpentier, where their cellar master prepares each blends in Cognac casks to get a smooth and delicate finish. It has created with a process of double distillation using Cognac type pot stills.

    For Dagneau Brandy, Maison Charpentier uses Colombard-Chenin blanc grapes grown outside of the Cognac region. By using the same double distilling process used for Cognac distillation, the aromas have preserved. Dagneau has then finished in Cognac casks. It has bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. Enjoy!