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Cointreau Noir Liqueur

750ml Bottle


    Remy Cointreau
    40% Alcohol
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
    Product Description

    Cointreau Noir Liqueur: this latest deeply alluring, premium-quality spirit from Cointreau promises to astound and enchant spirits connoisseurs and cocktail lovers alike, with the freshness of the orange flavor mingling with the velvety smooth caress of cognac for an experience of ultimate indulgence. Cointreau Noir offers the perfect balance between a cognac and a liqueur. Made from a harmonious blend of Remy Martin cognac and Cointreau orange liqueur, it is a deliciously smooth drink with a clean finish. The pairing of Cointreau and Remy Martin has resulted in mellowing out Cointreau's sweet orange flavor and adding soft vanilla and nut notes, as well as a golden amber color. It's natural for pairing with fall desserts like pumpkin, apple or pecan pie. It also turns a cup of coffee into a deliciously decadent drink. Perfect neat or on ice. Enjoy!

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