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Coastal Ridge Riesling

750ml Bottle


    Coastal Ridge
    Bronco Wine Company
    11% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Coastal Ridge Winery Riesling California White Wine is a blend of 76% Riesling, 10% Muscat Blanc, and 14% Proprietor's White Blend grapes. Both floral and fruit essences combine to create a sophisticated and delicious profile. Floral components include gardenia and honeysuckle, while the fruit flavors include apricot and peach. The finish is pleasingly off-dry with a hint of sweetness. This California Riesling has bottled at 11% alcohol by volume. The flavors and balance of it lend to favorable pairings with a variety of foods. It is the best pairs with dishes that might include a fruit component. For example, Cornish hens with a cranberry and raisin stuffing, pork loin chops coated with an apple-butter sauce, and pan-seared duck breast with a blueberry sauce are few dishes that complement this wine. Enjoy!

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