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Chavo Malo Blanco Tequila

750ml Bottle

    Chavo Malo
    Tequilera Don Roberto, S.A. de C.V.
    40% Alcohol

    Chavo Malo Tequila Blanco has distilled using only 100% Blue Agave grown in the fertile, volcanic soils of Jalisco around Tequila. Difficult to rise and late to mature, plants are nurtured up to 12 years before hand-harvesting the Pina's. Made using an age-old process, combined with modern technology, that yields a premium quality Tequila both complex and sophisticated, yet approachable and easy drinking.

    The nose offers aromas of cinnamon, pepper, and spice, with minerals, and a musty aroma, with citrus, vegetal, floral, and some anise notes. The palate is smooth, silky, and smoky. A bouquet of lemon and lime accompany rich agave and fruit flavors. With hints of pepper and minerality, it finishes floral with notes of lavender and lilac. This Chavo Malo Blanco has bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. It is excellent for your favorite margarita mixer. Enjoy!