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Chateau de Bonhoste Bordeaux Blanc 2016

750ml Bottle


    Chateau de Bonhoste
    Chateau de Bonhoste
    12% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Chateau de Bonhoste Bordeaux Blend Blanc 2016 is a light, crisp, and clean white wine, showing an impressive balance of fruit flavor. It has a lovely, very pale, bright, brilliant yellow-white color with green tints. The pleasant nose expresses aromas of summer fruit (pear, peach, apricot) and exotic fruit (pineapple, papaya) combined with floral notes of jonquil, and boxwood.

    A slightly fizzy attack in the mouth becomes soft and delicate, with a pleasant liveliness and right balance that persists in the long finish with fresh, fruity flavors. This Chateau de Bonhoste Bordeaux has bottled at 12% alcohol by volume. It is an excellent wine for sipping with any light cuisine; it goes especially well with fish. Enjoy!

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