Cedar Ridge Single Malt Whiskey

750ml Bottle

American Whiskey | Single Malt Whiskey

    Cedar Ridge
    Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery
    40% Alcohol
    Swisher, Iowa
    United States

    Cedar Ridge American Single Malt Whiskey is an exciting whiskey coming out of Cedar Ridge, Iowa. They primarily use malted 2-row barley but have also been known to use other types of maltier barley like chocolate malt and biscuit malt. Though unique grains aren't the only thing, they play with. They also use a solera system that involves wine barrels from their vineyards to enhance their whiskey's fruity nature.

    It's cool to see such an exciting and evolving whiskey coming out of a craft distillery. Cedar Ridge Single Malt is complex and rich without being overly sweet. The nose has strong notes of caramel apples and nutty aromas. The palate is smooth, compelling, and complex, with wine-forward notes. On the finish is a more spicy character.

    This Single Malt Whiskey is an 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume) rye whiskey with a somewhat fruity flavor. Each batch has aged in oak barrels, which give it rich and deep brown hue and woody texture and flavor. A great whiskey can be served straight up, over ice, mixed with your favorite soda, or served in a cocktail such as a Whiskey Sour. Enjoy!