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Cardinal Sin Vodka

750ml Bottle


    Cardinal Sin
    St. Louis Distillery
    40% Alcohol
    St. Louis, Missouri
    Product Description

    Cardinal Sin Distillery Artisan Vodka pushes the envelope of craft distilling. The result is a world-class vodka that maintains its ingredient profile. It is a single-batch vodka distilled once to preserve the flavor and character of the spirit. The end product provides a balanced space for you to enjoy the artistry of a well-crafted vodka. The brand intends to preserve the allure of finely crafted vodka. The result is Artisanal Vodkas, unlike any other.

    Cardinal Sin Vodka is unique, incredibly smooth, and a delightful vodka with the hinted finish. Like many vodkas, it is crisp and clean. Contrary to many unflavored vodkas, it has a full-bodied, almost buttery mouthfeel in taste. It has bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. Their toasted two-row barley contributes to the sweet finish and exciting range of flavors that work well in cocktails or by itself. Enjoy!

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