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Canteen Black Cherry Vodka Soda

12oz (6 Cans)


    Canteen Spirits
    5% Alcohol
    Austin, Texas
    Gluten Free
    Sugar Free, Gluten Free
    Product Description

    Canteen Black Cherry Vodka Soda Ready to Drink is a delicious cocktail with natural flavors added. It offers light, fresh, and clean flavors of black cherry with soft bubbles. It is the cherry you've known your whole life, but now it has an irresistible secret. It has a fruit-forward taste with a refreshing finish.

    This Black Cherry Vodka Soda can contain 5% alcohol by volume with only 99 Calories, No Sugars, No Carbs, No Fat, No Sodium, and it is Gluten Free. It has a familiar, confidence-inspiring feel, for sure-handed enjoyment on the go - in the city, or deep in the backcountry. It is very easy-drinking, approachable, and highly recommended. Enjoy!

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