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Camus Borderies VSOP Cognac Limited Edition

750ml Bottle

    Camus La Grande Marque
    40% Alcohol

    Camus Borderies VSOP Cognac Limited Edition has created from Eau-de-vie aged for at least four years. It presents a lively sweet, and floral character typical of the small Borderies region of Cognac. This limited edition has been produced predominately from the magnificent Domaine Camus vineyards in the heart of the prestigious Borderies appellation and distilled with the lees for additional depth of flavor.

    Camus owns the most considerable extension of vineyards belonging to one producer in the region, creating distinctive Cognacs with floral notes from the unique clay-limestone soil. The long maturation process in seasoned casks has allowed the mineral notes of this VSOP Cognac to merge into creamy vanilla and orange, showing a stunning balance between Eau-de-vie and oak.

    The Borderies VSOP displays aromas of honey, apple, and cinnamon with notes of peach, while the medium-bodied palate offers flavors of vanilla, spice, and even more fruit. The long aging process in seasoned casks produces a unique mineral character and a harmonious, smooth, and coherent aroma array.

    Camus Borderies VSOP Cognac shows an elegant golden tint with amber undertones. On the nose, it reveals a perfect balance between precious tannins and fresh notes of tropical fruits, followed by generous floral tones. On the palate, it resonates with fruity notes accompanied by accents of spices and vanilla. Its beautifully presented in a carafe shaped bottle and box and a great choice as a present for the cognac lover. It is an invitation to a rare taste experience. Enjoy!