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Anchor Steam Beer

12oz (6 Bottles)


      Sapporo Holdings Limited
      4.9% Alcohol
      San Francisco, California
      Product Description

      Anchor Steam Beer is America's original craft beer, named for the 19th-century practice of fermenting beer outdoors due to the lack of refrigeration. As legend has it, the chilly San Francisco night air naturally cooled the fermenting beer, creating the visual of steam rising from the brewery rooftop - a perfectly balanced, American original delivering the crispness of a lager with the complexity of an ale.

      Tasting Notes

      Color: Bright amber with a frosty tan head.

      Aroma: Toasted maltiness accompanied by vibrant fruity and floral notes.

      Palate: Luscious caramel maltiness balanced with bright herbal hop notes.

      Finish Velvety with lively bubbles from the natural krausening process.

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